Theory Thursday: Lovely Illusion
Love! Ah Love! Love is a splendid, marvelous thing. Especially for the young ones. Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t seem right for each other and still end up together? Or love that happens so suddenly you don’t know what happened to actually….make it happen?

- From : Lexie Clearwater

Today we talk about Ginny and Harry. The theory has been out and about for ages: Harry didn’t fall for Ginny like most people who fall in love and therefore there are people suggesting it might have been a love potion.


Let’s have a look at the arguments that are used to support this theory.


We all remember young Ginny, falling head over heels for the boy that lived. Being very shy and nervous every time she sees him. And when I look at the development of their relation, until the HBP (and coincidently the introduction of love potions all around), it has never been anything but brotherly/friendly. It was obviously Ginny had a crush, but Harry didn’t seem to have any mutual feelings.


The appearance of his attraction towards Ginny seems rather sudden as soon as she starts dating.  Now he could have simply fallen for her, but many don’t think it’s the case. Although Harry didn’t seem to show the very same symptoms as other students we saw drugged *cough Ron* It might have been a different potion, a less effective batch or even a homebrew that wasn’t brewed the way it should.  


In the book I found this nice little piece that could support this:

“They headed down to breakfast, where Mr. Weasley was reading the front page of the Daily Prophet with a furrowed brow and Mrs. Weasley was telling Hermione and Ginny about a love potion she’d made as a young girl. All three of them were rather giggly.”


So Ginny might have brewn her own potion, like her mother did. She was in the Slugclub and therefore a rather talented student when it comes to potions. And not only this, and perhaps most importantly, Ginny had definite access to love potions. Her brothers ran a shop selling them, amongst other things, and Ginny is specifically mentioned being interested in them. Upon introduction to them; “Ginny raised an eyebrow sceptically. ’Do they work?’”.


I know it might be a bit odd. Cause, why would she even do it? She appeared to have moved on as she was dating and besides that…when would she have drugged him. Someone would have spotted her putting something in his cup. Atleast that’s what I think.


Although, perhaps Ginny was not the one to dose Harry, but Molly Weasley. After all, she was canonically documented as brewing a love potion, and she always saw Harry as a son to her. What better method to permanently introduce Harry to her family?


Ginny from Harry Potter


And there’s no reason to think that the potion couldn’t’ve have just been used to open Harry’s eyes to Ginny, and then once it wore off, his genuine feelings for her persevered. Of course, this is completely and utterly morally wrong, as love potions are similar to date rape drugs- and date rape drugs are not a way to start a healthy relationship. But either Ginny or Molly could have decided that Harry needed a little ‘nudge’, achieved with- perhaps not Amortentia- but a more subtle love potion.


So what do you think? Did fate bring them together or did magic help them find a way to each others heart?




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Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Interesting theory :)

Lydia Avery

Lydia Avery Interesting take and a good read!

Jiya Sharma

Jiya Sharma Wow! Great theory. I never looked at their relationship this way. Awesome!

Ayden Wallace

Ayden Wallace Amazing theory! Great job!

Banned User

Banned User Wow, I never thought of that. Conspiracies ftw

Kim Snape

Kim Snape Great theorie! Loved it.

Sophia Secunda

Sophia Secunda Great work!

Annabeth Withman

Annabeth Withman Great work Lexie! Absolutely loved it <3

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Woww so well written Lex! Love it! <3

Lyra Nashwood

Lyra Nashwood Amazing work Lex <3

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