What to do when... applying for a job!
Have you always wanted to take on a job here, but never really known how to write your application? Then this blog may be very useful for you!

- From : Lara Mountainheart

Hey all!


As you may have noticed, World of Potter is always looking for new recruits for many jobs! With this thought, I’ve made sure to ask around, and was able to ask some questions to our lovely staff members about what they think is important in a job application, but also what they really don’t like to see. So, here’s what I’ve learnt!


Let’s first start off with the teams needing some more help! I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the bulletin on the website, advertising for the SoMe team, Prefects (Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff), Plot Team, and Journalists (Quibbler).
If you’re thinking on applying for the Prefects, make sure you contact Hayley Soulton, as she’s the Head of Prefects! She’s especially looking for some guys to check on the Boys Dormitory!
If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the Plot Team, then this is your chance! Make sure to contact William Arendale, and ask him what he’d like for you to put in your application!
The Social Media team has always been a small team, at this moment it’s just the two of us, Sunny Gem and myself, and we’d like to have at least two more team members! For more information, please send Sunny an owl and she’ll get back to you as soon as she can!
Last, but definitely not least, there’s the Quibbler and the Daily Prophet! Tjay Gillywood and Valérie Brière are both looking for some fresh new journalists! Do you have an amazing story, or have you heard anything interesting around Hogsmeade and are you dying to share this with all of us? You’re obviously expected to post at least one article per week, but so much happens in one week, so let your creativity and imagination loose and go apply!


Once you’ve figured out what job you’d like to take on, you have to start thinking on what to put in your application. I have the scoop on what the staff is looking for, and it should really help you out getting the job!
One important thing to always keep in mind, is to stay true to yourself, and put your personality into it! It’s always fun to read more about who you are as a person, than just filling in the application and finishing it in five minutes. That’s also another piece of advice, try to not write an application as soon as you can, write it carefully, really try to put some extra effort in it, to show them you’d be a true addition to the team, and really want to work for it! Show them how motivated you are.
There are obviously also some don’ts while writing an application. Don’t write anything you don’t believe in yourself, don’t try to act like somebody you’re not. It’s also really obvious if you’ve put real effort in your application or not, so don’t assume you can just put something together and get hired straight away, they really prefer hiring a good employee with a fabulous application, than just hiring anybody because they need them.


You got the job!
You’ve obviously written a good application, because you’ve been hired for the job you’ve applied for. Now, your leader obviously has expectations, and it’s up to you to show them it was a good decision. Communication is key in your work, as you’ll be working among others. Also, make sure you meet the deadlines, it’s always appreciated if you send in your work in time to maybe be corrected a bit more. You may even have a big responsibility within the website, or the magical world, so always be representative to the others. But most importantly of all, have fun! You didn’t apply just because you needed the job, you applied because you wanted it.



I hope this blog has helped you out what to do when you’ve decided you’d like to take on a job. If there’s any more questions, there’s always people around who’d love to help you out!



Kind Regards,

Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe Team.


PS. I’d like to especially thank those who’ve agreed on answering some of my questions. Hayley Soulton, Sunny Gem, Ayden Wallace, Valérie Brière, Tjay Gillywood, and Regina Corona, each and every one of you is an angel!

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Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Oh, I thought I had written a comment :o But this is amazing work.

Regina Corona

Regina Corona Awesome :D now we can redirect new students to this page! <3 great job!

Tjay Gillywood

Tjay Gillywood Thnx Lara! <3 Really nice blog!

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Great blpg Lara!! <3

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett This is fantastic Lara, loved it!! (and the GIF) <3

William Arkwright

William Arkwright Super helpful, Lara! (Also, if you're interested in joining the Plot Team, feel free to send me an owl. I promise I'm really nice!)

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Nice blog :)

Hayley Soulton

Hayley Soulton Brilliant Lara<3

Nathalee Roux

Nathalee Roux Wonderful blog, this definitely will help students <3

Holly Gillywood

Holly Gillywood Wonderful blog Lara! well done ! <3

Elenor lovegood

Elenor lovegood HUH

Elmindreda Arkwright

Elmindreda Arkwright Fantastically helpful, Lara! Great job <3

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