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In our wizarding world not all is as it seems. With all the hexes, spells and potions not everyone is who or what they say they are. Today I will look at a theory that roamed the “interweb” for a few years now and it will knock your socks off!

- From : Chloe Lovegood

During my reads from the HP books I always had a funny feeling coming from one character in particular. I couldn’t pin point it at first. Most characters are placed in a certain box: good or evil. And even if everyone has a light and dark side. Their behavior and actions added up. For everyone except one remarkable witch:  Minerva McGonagall.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Minerva, but there is quite some evidence that shows us she might be evil and possibly a death eater. I’m not saying she is a death eater, but I’ve read many essays about it and somethings are a bit…off. Just see for yourself
1. Let’s go back to where we meet her. She is in her animagus form in front of the Dursleys home. One would think she was waiting for Dumbledore to drop Harry off. But there are two things that threw me off:  1. She wasn’t part of the order of the Phoenix back then, so how did she know?  2. In cat form her reaction was hostile towards Dumbledore and she asked how he knew it was her.

She expresses some muggle hate there too. Eventhough she is a halfblood and once loved a muggle. I just reread it with the thought she is a traitor and it’s kind of spooky how well it works. Try it!

2. Second, she’s the professor of Transfiguration. Each of the Professors at Hogwarts embodies their subject areas. For instance, Prof. Snape and his cold, calculating and scientific Potions; Prof. Sprout and her warm and earthly Herbology. The same is true for the shape shifting and manipulative McGonagall. JKR borrows so heavily from folk tales, that I can’t believe she isn’t aware of the fact that shape shifting is usually highly suspicious and ambiguous. After all, if McGonagall changes her shape and form for a living, one might wonder if she changes herself for other means.

3. In the Chamber of Secrets Lucius Malfoy slips the diary in a copy of Guide to Transfiguration. Coincidence?

Later on McGonagall is headmistress. In the light of this article Idon’t think Malfoy didn’t plan on McGonagall. He doesn’t do anything to get her removed. He kept doing this when Dumbledore was headmaster. And, it is under her watch that Ginny is taken into the Chamber, luring Harry Potter. McGonagall remains at the school, but does she do anything to protect the students? Does she try to find out where the Chamber is or who’s attacking? No!

4 .Let’s jump ahead to The Goblet of Fire:
Minerva was very concerned with looking good in front of Durmstrang? Snape, meanwhile, is looking pretty cool and detached. Why?

Look at how she reacts to Harry participating in the Tournament. If she’s as caring and maternal about Harry as she pretends to be, she would have protested until he was out of the competition. Even Snape voiced his opinion stronger than she did. She doesn’t seem  to be all that worried for his safety and wellbeing.

In fact, Barty almost hints that there is someone else helping him. Obviously, Crouch wasn’t as trusted and honored as he’d like to believe. After all, he didn’t even know why Voldemort needed Harry Potter. He didn’t know the spell or any of the plans for the graveyard. Barty’s role was so dangerous and suspicious, it was basically a suicide mission.

But in bragging about everything he’s done to help Voldemort, Barty nearly implicates McGonagall. He says “Who frightened off every person I thought might try to hurt you or prevent you from winning?” (pg. 676) He mentions using Hagrid, Dobby, and Cedric as “decent people [who are] easy to manipulate” (pg 676). But he says he “staged a loud conversation with Professor McGonagall about the hostages” (pg 677). He doesn’t berate her as a pawn, but almost implies she helped him. In fact, Barty’s frequent use of the word “I” in bragging about his accomplishments implies that he needs to take credit for everything he did, as if he has competition

5. Some people argue that we’ve seen her behave less maternally throughout the series.  Not being relieved, but angry when the trio survives certain situations (Trolls in their first year, the tests to get the philosopher stone etc).

Not to mention she didn’t really do anything to help the trio or the order either.

Now we read some info on why she might be evil or  a death eater in disguise. I’d like people to discuss their pro and cons for this theory as I think it’s one of the best out there.


Lexie Clearwater

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