Meeting the Blacks
Have you ever wanted to meet the users of WoP, who dont carry a colour? Well it is time. On this blog post, we represent the black users of the site!

- From : Althea Cahalan


No, not Sirius Blacks’ family..
Hello there dear readers and welcome to the second edition of ‘Meeting the Blacks’! I would like to thank you for all of the positive comments you posted on the last blog, which encouraged me to keep this post rolling!
This week, I sat down with a nice Hufflepuff girl by the name of Callista Neoni.

Hi Callista! Thanks for joining me. Tell me, how did you find this site and what made you join it?
Callista: I love the Harry Potter books, the films...escaping into a magical world with a cup of tea and a biscuit, especially when your day's been a bit hectic, is brilliant xD
Creative writing has been a passion of mine for quite a while as well and I wanted to put that altogether, chat and write with other people to have fun as well as further my writing ability. I put in HP role playing and WoP came up! (I'm thankful other...things DIDN'T come up haha!)

How did you find this site and what made you join it?
What or who inspired your character’s name?
Callista: Callista Neoni has been one of my first ever characters I created. I used her so often that people started calling me Calli in real life! I was really into Star Wars and had read a book after the films where Luke Skywalker met some witches, one of them being Callisto. I changed the 'o' to an 'a' to make it sound more like star. With the surname...I honestly have no idea heh, been so long since I thought about that the meaning has probably been lost in the ether.

I see you have gathered a lot of housepoints, is that something you find important to do?
Callista:YES! Hufflepuff need to win the House cup!! Get out of it Lions >:D Gathering points is a fun thing to do on here, there are so many different ways of collecting; grading/writing homework, chatting, topic making...I'm still useless at Peeves most days but I love trying.

What makes your character so special?
Callista: Hmmm...Callista is pretty much an average girl; calm, quiet, not really thinking about boys (she's only 12 at the minute) but will happily climb a tree with anyone and talk about random stuff all day ('if sheep's wool was made of candy floss, would it make them easier to shear?'). If I was to say anything special about her, it would probably be her caring and loyal attitude...that and the scar over her right eye that she hides from everyone.)

What do you find the best part of WoP?
Callista: Ahhh, where to start? Well, I really enjoy grading assignments as, like with the topics, I get to read all different types of writing; the description and imagination some people have is brilliant! And to give praise or constructive critism is a highlight...especially when you grade another assignment from that person a few weeks later and they've tried so hard to take everything on board.
Chatting is also a really cool part of WoP. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help out any newbies or just have a right ole' blether :) Post cookies or a cup of tea on there and most of them will love you forever! I like how it's not just a bog-standard rpg site. You can have pets, buy stuff, join clubs, get's as large as you want it be!


I think Callista is as fierce as this homework bunny, don’t you think? Give a big applause to her for being such an active member of her house!
And remember, to be featured here: just stand out. ^^

Lucy, out.
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Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell Nice job you two! ^^

Marcus Warren

Marcus Warren Callista XD She's just brilliant :D

Sophia Secunda

Sophia Secunda

Callista Neoni

Callista Neoni Thank you :) and thank you Lucy! When I said Lions, I actually meant Eagles x.X It was too late or too *insert something convincing* x.X

Imogen Knightley

Imogen Knightley Absolutely love these <3

Leana Stone

Leana Stone Awesome article :)

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Great work, Lucy!!!! :D And wonderful answers, Callista! :D

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