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We all have some certain ideas or thoughts on stuff related to the HP world, in this blog post you might get to share your opinions!

- From : Althea Cahalan

I welcome you to the second edition of "What do you think?", The format that allows us to read people's opinions about some characters in the Harry Potter universe.
The edition about Fred & George Weasley achieved the effect we hoped for: it made us realize that it is very interesting to read the reason why a certain character enters the heart, which can be different from person to person, even in the case of similar thoughts.
So I went back around to collect some opinions of a different character, although very important for the saga:

Her particular ways of seeing life may not please anyone, but we must admit that her constant positivity can't be found in all the characters. Some say she is "strange", "moody", but one thing is sure: "pessimist" is an adjective impossible to associate to her.
Her childhood was not perfect: being a witness to her mother's death marked her a lot, so she grew up with her father. From him she took the extravagant way of speaking and look, things that make her unique.


Like the others, Luna enters the hearts of saga lovers in different ways, now it's time to read some of them! Well, what do you think?

Valérie Laure Brière - "Peculiar"
"«Luna Lovegood has always made me think of an innocent and peculiar child, who said what she wanted, even if it might have been strange. She was one of my favourite characters, when it was that I read the books, where this peculiar nature of her character kept you intrigued in what her story might be. We learned things about her and helt her pain, whenever something happened to her, but she always seemed to be happy and that was incredible. She might have some weird ideas like nargles, but she was a wonderful character»

Palesa Raina Wordsworth - ""Wonderfully weird"
"«She was this breath of fresh air, that didn't care what others might think of her. She embraced herself with all her quirks. I think that is a wonderful and brave skill, to be able to be truly yourself, even if that means people will look at you a bit strange or hide your shoes. I really loved her, because of her quirks and smarts. She was clever, she was a Ravenclaw afterall, but she was more than the house she was sorted into. She was her own a 100%. And I'm pretty sure she had a lot of fun day dreaming, dancing like no one was watching and looking out for nargles, and not get too worried about exams or what people were saying. I think she'd figured out the secret to life»"

Felicia Wolf - "Outlander"
"«She reminds me of this world because generally it's like Luna's from another planet. The things she believed in, her priorities, the things that make her mad and the things that make her happy are complete different than most people. I love that she's rarely angry, and cool with the things she can not control. (like that time her shoes got missing and she didn't even raged)
She has been through a lot, but despite all she remained strong and did not care what people thought or said about her. She's also a great friend, and overall an awesome character»"

Kieran Tierney Warren - "Empathy"
"«I've always loved Luna as a character, from her random remarks and quirkiness, to the lion hat she always used to support Gryffindor at their Quidditch games. For me, there is a defining moment that sums all my appreciation for Luna .It takes a lot of character and maturity to see the world from another person prespective and, when Harry was confused after seeing Thestrals pulling the carriages, she ultimately stands by Harry's side and tries to reassure him saying something that takes a lot of courage to say to someone you barely know: "‘I’ve been able to see them ever since my first day here. They’ve always pulled the carriages. Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am."
Besides that, i always appreciated Luna's ability to stick by her beliefs even if she was being made fun of and put aside by her fellow colleagues, highlighting her decision to believe Harry's story about Voldemort's return being truth»"

Even this edition has come to an end. I thank all those who spent some time telling me their opinion on this fantastic character, sometimes expressing personal opinions is not easy but in the end the result is very satisfying.
That's all for now guys, but don't worry: I'm always around to collect opinions on the characters, so we'll be in touch again soon!
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Edynne Eldridge

Edynne Eldridge I love Luna, she's extremely odd but in the best possible way!

Stella Beaumont

Stella Beaumont Wonderful article! Lovely seeing all those different opinions on one character. <3

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell Luna is so wonderful! And you all expressed it very well <3

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn Lovely article!! <3 It is indeed very well written! Luna defo is a queer character :o

Hadrian Montague

Hadrian Montague Nice one

Joseph Brandt

Joseph Brandt A wonderful post, Aiden. Bravo :D

Florence Chang

Florence Chang Lovely article, Aiden! I love Luna she is my fav person <3

Imogen Knightley

Imogen Knightley This is an amazing blog! I had so much fun reading it :D

Yuna Fairfox

Yuna Fairfox Nicely written! Great article, Aiden!

David Romano

David Romano Lovely article!!

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