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- From : Althea Cahalan

WoP Gossip Guy Update!

Spotted! That’s right! I was swamped with information following my last blog update so here’s the latest for you:
Slytherpuff!! The little slytherpuff romance I reported on between Hufflepuffs Elian Venture and Slytherins Nolan Anderson has taken a nose dive for the worst it seems as naughty boy Nicodeme Devereux from Slytherin can’t keep his scales off other snakes guys (no friends amongst this slithery lot) and has snuck his snake fangs into our poor little Elian who as it turns out isn’t so innocent when he was caught with his pants down on the train. Tut tut Elian.

Is inter-house love dead? Of course it isn’t.

Slythindor!! My sources tell me that Gryffindors lioness Madyson Earnhardt has perhaps found the one (heard it from the lions mouth herself) wrapped up in the package of Slytherin Eli Pierce. So there is hope for a Slythindor wedding folks…watch this space. (this also puts to rest the rampant rumours about Madyson have more than friendly feelings towards her friend Benedict Ashloft, but let’s face it, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen with his grand romance).

Hufferin!! Speaking of marriage, a Slytherpuff marriage that seems to be going the distance between Slytherin Miles Thane and Hufflepuff Charlotte Thane is one to admire. How many years has it been now? (winks at Miles). What's your secret Miles and Charlotte, share it with the rest of us I beg you!
Seems to be all about the love this week, so next week I’m looking for friendships and fireworks. Owl me with your hottest gossip and I’ll do the rest.

Until next time my loves xoxo Gossip Guy
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Alicia Robnott

Alicia Robnott so. much. gossip.

Sean Hanworn

Sean Hanworn Putting more gossip guy to shame that Mady has found someone else ;)

Evelynn Roseleigh

Evelynn Roseleigh Benedict has a grand romance indeed ;-) *winks* Love your article, as always Zak!

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich You ain't seen nothing yet... ;) gossips travel fast around the castle.

Wren Juniper

Wren Juniper Putting gossip guy to shame that the loved up Mady and Eli have since split...

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