Quidditch interviews!
The third of four interview with the Quidditch captains!

- From : Lara Mountainheart

Hi y’all!


Welcome to the third of four interviews with all of this year’s Quidditch team captains! We’ve already had a chat with Eviee Elexy, and Jada Nightflame, and this time, we sat down with none other than Jiya Sharma, captain for the Slytherin team! Jiya has lead the Slytherin team to second place last year, and it seems like that might happen again this year. Let’s see what Jiya had to say about her accomplishments, and her team!
Please do keep in mind this interview took place about a week ago.


Last year, you and your team came in second to last. What are you doing differently this year, to try and get to the first place?

Last year our team might not have performed so well but I think everyone in the team did well and tried hard. They showed sportsmanship and were all great players. We might have come last but that will definitely not be the case this year. First of all, we have a great team with amazing players. We get together and practice a lot. Each and every player is pretty supportive and dedicated towards the team. I try my best to conduct as many practices as possible and thanks to my teammates, many of them are a success. Fortunately, we have already won two of our matches against Hufflepuff and Gryffindor and are about a week away from our final game. Those were great games and the Badgers and the Lions played really well but I am glad we worked as a team and were able to win by a close number of points. So, I hope my team focuses on their game and keeps functioning as a team and hopefully all our practice would be sufficient to get the Quidditch Cup this year.


You're closing your year against Ravenclaw, who hasn't lost one single year up until now. How are you preparing for this game?

Ravenclaw is a great team, there’s no doubt about that but they can also lose. We have worked hard this year and have fortunately already won two games. They might have won most of their games in the past but my team is doing great so far and I am proud of that. I totally trust my teammates and have full faith in my seeker that they will succeed. But, not only the seeker, my whole team is amazing and if we work harder, we can surely win this season. And even if we lose (which we won’t), we won’t let them win so easily and will truly give them one hell of a fight. This is our year and Slytherin will win this year’s Quidditch Cup.


When recruiting for new members, what are the qualities you're looking for? And is there also anything you really dislike seeing when people try out for your team?

When recruiting new members the first quality I look for is dedication and commitment towards the team and positive attitude and behavior towards the rest of the players. I don’t mind if they are not the best player out there, we can always keep practicing and get better together. But, I don’t like when players just get selected for the team and never respond to owls or never show up to practices and it is as if they have just disappeared. It causes the other players who were truly passionate about the game to miss the chance of making the team. I just want to see the players try hard and go out there and give it their best no matter how their game is. One can always get better. So, one thing I would like to say to everyone applying for the Slytherin Quidditch Team is that believe in yourself and apply for the team. I am sure you will be a great asset to the team.


Do you do anything special for team bonding? Do you do games, or do you and your team go out together?
I would definitely say that Slytherin has a great team with amazing players. But not only they are good players but are lovely people to be and work with. We don’t usually have special team bonding events but I can surely trust and rely on my teammates. And, I am sure they would feel the same about each other too. We are all friends here and are always there to support and cheer everyone up. And, if any new member is added to the team, they are comfortably able to become friends with the rest of the team. And, one can clearly see that during practices. We do take our games and practices seriously but we conduct them in a cheerful and a fun atmosphere where anyone from the team would feel comfortable. We do have some bonding time during our training and I would say that I love my team and am proud to be a part of such a lovely team.


Look at all the trust Jiya has in her wonderful team! We wish Slytherin all the best for the next season, maybe they will finally be able to throw Ravenclaw off their throne!



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Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe Team




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