The Quibbler
Have you heard of the Quibbler? The newspaper that’s all about nargles and Crumble-horned snorkacks? Some people find it insane and weird, and some finds it amazing. Since the Quibbler exists on the World of Potter, I decided to look at it. What’s the Quibbler about? How's it like to work there? If you read this article you’ll find out!

- From : Harper Collins

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Arya Flores

Arya Flores Uh, how fun to have my old blog-post posted! But I can definetely recommend the Quibbler. ;-)

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Nice article :)

Lariana Riddle

Lariana Riddle Great job

James Avery

James Avery Great Article

Holly Gillywood

Holly Gillywood Lovely Article!! Keep up the good blogs guys! <3

Sunny Gem

Sunny Gem This is a wonderful article! Very well written about the Quibbler<3

Banned User

Banned User Great article! Really gives the reader an insight into the Quibbler and may even prompt some users to apply for this smashing job and get a lovely color! <3

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