The Quibbler
Have you heard of the Quibbler? The newspaper that’s all about nargles and Crumble-horned snorkacks? Some people find it insane and weird, and some finds it amazing. Since the Quibbler exists on the World of Potter, I decided to look at it. What’s the Quibbler about? How's it like to work there? If you read this article you’ll find out!

- From : Harper Collins

The Job

Imagine this scenario: You are a journalist on the Quibbler. You know you must write an article, and the deadline is a few hours away, but you have no creativity. That is quite simple, because you can just take a real-life event and rephrase it. Of course just a little bit more insane. The most basic is, that it must not become the Daily Prophet – because when it does, hell is probably here!

I took a little talk with a few journalists on the Quibbler, to hear about what’s it really like to be on the Quibbler. It was all positive answers. ‘I think that being a journalist for the Quibbler gives you the opportunity to be creative’, one says. ‘You will read odd articles about weird discussions and unique creatures’. I can figure so much, that it's a big part of the job. You need to be open-minded about ideas, and theories – and maybe you end up developing a new unique magical animal. A horse with the head of a unicorn, and the tale of a lion, or an animal that walks around singing a chicken song.


An In-Game function

It doesn’t have to be Out of Game that you are a journalist for the Quibbler – no, you can use this function in game too! If you still are a Hogwarts-student, you could just be an apprentice. Or something else. At least, I think it would be fun to play with the function in game, and make crazy relations based on it! Since I’m not a Quibbler, I can’t – but it sounds fun, anyway!

My character loves writing and reading and hopes she will stay a journalist on the Quibbler for a long time’ one of the smart journalists says, about her character working for the Quibbler in-game. That way, is one of the best methods do develop a good character (as mentioned in another blog post).


Challenging work

The job isn’t stressful at all, says a journalist. They don’t get fired for handing an article in a few days too late, if they don’t get too used to it. But what is challenging is always being creative, and comming up with ideas for articles. ‘It is a lot more challenging, when you actually have to do it, because everything you write has to be in correct with the books’ says another journalist, when I asked her if it was anything like being a journalist for the Quibbler in the books.

I think a fine method could be to write some ideas down whenever you can. In a small notebook, or a document in word. In that way, you don’t have to figure something out every time, just use one of the ideas you have written down!


That was all there is about the Quibbler. My conclusion is, that it is a great place to work. If I should rate it, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. The last star is missing because of the constant need for creativity. But some people find it nice to feel free to be creative all time! It sounds like that there’s a good karma there, and they suit each other amazingly on the team. Furthermore, you can play with the function In-Game too! 


- Arya Flores

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Arya Flores

Arya Flores Uh, how fun to have my old blog-post posted! But I can definetely recommend the Quibbler. ;-)

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Nice article :)

Lariana Riddle

Lariana Riddle Great job

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James Avery Great Article

Holly Gillywood

Holly Gillywood Lovely Article!! Keep up the good blogs guys! <3

Sunny Gem

Sunny Gem This is a wonderful article! Very well written about the Quibbler<3

Banned User

Banned User Great article! Really gives the reader an insight into the Quibbler and may even prompt some users to apply for this smashing job and get a lovely color! <3

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