Follow the Spiders!
Something is coming and it's not butterflies... Something is luring in the Warner Bros Studio Tour London and it's very possible, it have eight legs and a furry looking face... Something that a certain Weasley would hate... Is it a plane? Is it Superman? Well, we have to follow the spiders to know for sure!

- From : Harper Collins

So something is going on on instagram and twitter. Something creepy and possibly a bit disgusting. But we can't know for sure, what it is yet. All we know is this: Warner Bros Studio Tour London is working on something big.


The Warner Bros in London have a tour through the Harry Potter universe and it's very normal for them to expand the experience. Recently they made the one and only Harry Potter's muggle home on Privet Drive available for exhibition. And now something is going on with spiders.


The weird part about all this is, that they don't usually make both a Twitter announcement, an instagram account (#FollowTheSpiders) and in general such a big deal about it. So of course our fellow Potterhead's minds begin to roll...


Is it "only" a new thing in their tours? Or is it something new on, where Rowling frequently realse reading stuff about the universe? Or is it something completely different? Do tell us what YOU think and join us in our search for the spiders.......


#FollowTheSpiders ... if you dare.

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