Staff Sunday #4
Back again with the fourth edition of Staff Sunday to entertain you on this lovely day of Easter!

- From : Thomas Wilder







Wilder here back with another edition of Staff Sunday! You probably know what the blog is all about by now, so I'll spare you the introduction.


BUT as I introduced last week, it is not possible to send in suggestions for question! All you have to do is send your suggestions in an owl to Thomas Wilder. I cannot promise you which staff member will get your question, but I will definitely use them! And who knows, maybe your question will be in the next blog? ;D


The line of lovely yellow is almost at an end and soon lovely people of other colours will appear on the blog. But first, we have one last lady in yellow. She's the Leader of Prefects, her hair sometimes matching her grapes. Give it up for the one and only Hayley Soulton!

Describe yourself using only 5 words!
Sarcastic, fun, colourful, fierce and odd


Your life quote / motto!
"That's a horrible idea. When and where?"

(This is definitely something I can relate to, Hay!)


If you could make one thing vanish forever, what would it be and why?
Honestly, people are probably gonna say something profound and world-saving here, but I really just want pimples to vanish.
It makes me so sad to wake up with a huge zit :(


If you had to pick one karaoke tune to sing in a bar, which song would you choose?
Uh, always Popular from Wicked!


What is your favourite thing about WoP and why?
The fact that outcasts can come here and find a home. That Harry Potter is for everyone and that what unifies us all is the love of those silly books that changed our worlds.


That is all for this time! If you enjoyed this blog post, make sure to keep your eyes on your notifications next Sunday where Staff Sunday #5 will be up!


And before I forget... HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!


Magical Regards,
Thomas Wilder and the Social Media Team
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Darling Walsh

Darling Walsh Yayboss! But where's the april fools? *naturally suspicious of everything today*

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière I really love the last answer!

Damon Walcott

Damon Walcott Weee! Lovely post <3

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Niceeeeeeeee, interview with a boss :D

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