Northwood's Magical Encounter #005
Are you interested in the fantastic magical beasts of our world? Have you ever wondered what it would require to have creatures such as Jobberknolls or even Lethifolds as pets? Then fear no more! Through Northwoods Magical Encounters you get to learn more about your upcoming pet, alongside what it would require of you to hold it. Make sure to read every edition, and you will soon find the perfect pet for you!

- From : Daphne Leung

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Amelia Williams

Amelia Williams Ooo I think I just want one as a pet! Imagine a tank full of them!

Rowena Morgan

Rowena Morgan Interesting I am going to stay away however, I don't mess with water creatures

Balthazar Pitch

Balthazar Pitch I should try angering them

Miles Baker

Miles Baker I am definitely going to have to get one of these!

Alice Brown

Alice Brown These look adorable! I think they'd fit in my study room at the Castle, wouldn't you say?

Isabel Esmeray

Isabel Esmeray I might be persuaded to get one of these when I'm graduated. But I'm pretty sure no one will help me get a body of water into the Eagle Tower... Maybe Iggy might though... I must plan!

Leah Kimble

Leah Kimble I love flying seahorses! Awesome blog :D

Lux Ellis

Lux Ellis SO COOL!

Gideon Honeywood

Gideon Honeywood I'm going to add catching a flying seahorse onto my bucket list for this year! Amazing blog, Leander, and a really interesting creature

Zephaniel Zeno

Zephaniel Zeno How did I not know things like these existed? Well now I know what I want to get for my airrium. get it get it? aqua-rium, air-rium. Imma just leave. Great job on the blog Leander!

Waylen Choi

Waylen Choi oooHHH now these are interesting! o: I'd love to have them as pets but I'm afraid my dogs would eat them- Lovely blog Leander! Can't wait for the next one <3

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