Theory Thursday: Muggle conspiracy
Have you ever wondered why there is a ministry of magic, but muggles run countries? We don’t got a prime minister like they do and why would we stay in the shadows when we have power? After talking to some very…patriotic..wizards in the Leaky Cauldron I have some thoughts to share…

- From : Lexie Clearwater

Every witch and wizard has been told not to let their magic run wild in front of muggles. Students can’t perform magic during the summer, we’re not allowed to practice magic in the open and we can’t fly around.


But why? Why wouldn’t we be in charge and just live together in harmony, without all the secrets and hiding? Aren’t we the ones to control the world? I’ve been listening to some strangers and they tried to answer these questions. (They were asking them as well, but that’s irrelevant, right?)


A man, who I will refer to as Jacob, said they have found proof there have been many wars. Not surprised. We’ve learned about the muggle wars all over the world and we got our wizarding wars. But never have we heard of a muggle vs wizards war apart from the witch trials and the first wizarding war in Europe, where Grindewald tried to enslave the muggle population.  Although we survived, he seems to think we lost these encounters and are now controlled by the muggles.  Let’s see things from his point of view, shall we?


The ministry of magic:

Why is it called the Ministry of Magic? That doesn't sound like a name of a government. It sounds a lot more like the name of a department. They call the head of this government the Minister of Magic. Why is this distinction necessary when most wizards don't even seem to know what type of government muggle nations have? Furthermore, no elections are every mentioned. Where did this government come from? From where does it drive its authority?


Jacob continued by explaining the witch trials might have been more than just accusations and cruel executions. They might have been a set up to eliminate magic all together and our community has never been the same since these trials.


Now we got a ministry that seems to controls everything. Animagi have to be registered and even the slightest display of magic can get you in front of the wizgamot.


There even are reports our Minister of Magic has to send a message to the muggle prime minister when they bring dangerous magical creatures in the country. Why? What would muggles have to do with it? Why not keep it a secret like everything else in our world?



Jacob said that wizards nowadays are nowhere near as possible as most wizards from let’s say 100 to 200 years ago. We are wielding magic. But we are hiding in the dark not able to even lift up to the full potential of our ancestors like the founding four or Merlin. We are a weak little flame that’s dying out. Albus Dumbledore is considered the last great wizard from our modern times. Even though there are plenty of wizards and witches that can do great things. We simple don’t, cause the ministries laws tell us to.


For it is not our darkness, but our light that’s most frightening.


So what are your views? Are we being ruled by muggles instead of wielding true power? Should we be the ones to rule?


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