Craig's Muggley Things
Craig is back with more of those muggle things!

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Craig's Muggley Things

Hello again all my fellow wizards and witches and welcome to this week's edition of Craig's Muggley Things. With, of course, your favourite barefoot rolling Cookie Fairy, me :D This week:



What are these 'phones'? Well my fellow witches and wizards, muggles use them as a form of communication (just like we use owls or fireplaces) to talk to each other when far away. Phone is short for telephone, tele meaning far and phone meaning speech.

do6ti2wpefic2sll6ixl.jpgAn example of what an old rotary phone looks like

The way a phone works is you lift up a part of the phone known as the 'handset' and use the keypad to 'dial' a number, or if you're using an old rotary phone to actually dial the number (which is where the term dial comes from). If you hear the phone ringing however it means someone is calling you, in which case you pick up the handset, and in either case you put the top part of the handset (known as the speaker) to your ear and the bottom part of the handset (known as the transmitter) and you can have a nice conversation with whoever is speaking on the other end.

PCD-J5.png?$ORIGIN_PNG$An example of what a smartphone may look like.

There many different kinds of phones including rotary phones, landline phones (which you would typically find in homes) public pay phones, mobile phones and smart phones (a type of mobile phone that also acts as a mini computer).

So what do you all make of these 'phones'? Do you think the ministry should invest into magically powered ones? Or do you think our forms of communication are just fine?

Til next time folks :D



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Lucey Black

Lucey Black I guess phones are quicker than owls but phones don't have personality whereas owls would be prepared to love you.

Olivia Otters

Olivia Otters Wow, great article! I didn't know about these phone things.

Luna Silvermoon

Luna Silvermoon but.. can a phone fly and deliver packages like owls? :O

Thalia Moon

Thalia Moon I mean, there kind of is a magic phone already, theyre called two way mirrors, though they cant connect with anyone. Maybe thats worth an investigation though.

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Awwsome

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