Unveiling the Faceclaim
Who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of the new blog series:

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It is a well-known fact that most of us here at WoP use famous people to represent what our characters look like, aptly named Face Claim, FC for short. But, who really are these people that we associate with our friends, coworkers, and classmates? That will be the main focus of this blog series:

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Welcome back, everybody! It is Hannfran, bringing you another FaceClaim Unveilment. Today we have someone very dear to me, and for your sake, you too. She is the amazing Muggle Studies professor, job-adviser, my dear cousin/boss, and a bundle of joy. Why, who else, than Elizabeth Fenwick!


Her FC is the lovely actress Zooey Deschanel, someone whom I've discovered quite recently but grew to love just as much. She is an incredible actress, a beautiful model, and an inspiring song writer.


Her father being a cinematographer, and mother an actress, Zooey Deschanel was no stranger to the entertainment business. With her elder sister already leading the actress life, Zooey Deschanel was destined to be a big hit on the big screen. She was a singer/song writer whilst in high school, and she starred in a few well-known movies in the early 2000's, such as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,Yes Man, and 500 Days of Summer, all of which I haven't seen, but I will, I promise >.>
It was in 2011, when Fox released their new sitcom New Girl, that Zooey Deschanel became a household name, with her starring as Jessica Day. Her roles all show off her blunt comedy, quirkiness, and most importantly, her angelic voice.


However, with her non-stop success in mind, she is currently on a hiatus. In the previously mentioned show New Girl, not only did she appear in over a 100 episodes, she co-directed it, and wrote it's soundtrack, whilst juggling all of her other projects on the sideline. Such dedication, determination, and ferocity is undoubtedly admirable, but she is just like the rest of us, and we should all respect her taking a break.
In her two decades of grinding, Zooey has earned many awards, including Mar del Plata International flm festival award, Critic's Choice Television Award, as well as being nominated for Teen Choice, Grammy's, and The Comedy Awards, each multiple times. I, in all of the sincerety my heart could muster, hope she comes back in a bang, for someone of such skills should not stay out of the spotlight.

And now comes the favourite part of the article, QnA! Liza was kind enough to answer some questions for us, so as tradition, let us all thank her immensily. Alright, enough of me, take it away!

1. What is your favorite Zooey Deschanel movie, and why?
I have to just pick one??!!! Gosh that's so difficult, I loved her in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but my all time favourite has to be ELF, where she plays Jovie. She's amazing, and quirky with a hint of sass and I love it, plus have you heard her sing? She's got an awesome voice.
2. How do you feel about Zooey needing a break after such a long time of non-stop work?
Honestly I can completely understand it, I think actors and actresses have a very different life to us, they don't have regular holidays so when they work they work round the clock filming, rehearsing and publicising their work on tv shows and attending interviews and they are always in the spotlight. That's hard work in itself. I have a friend in this industry and they don't switch off, so if she's lucky enough to be able to leave the public eye for a while and enjoy being a mum, I say go for it.
Honestly, for myself, if I get the opportunity, I'd take it too. Good luck to her.

3. How much do you identify with Zooey? Do you feel like her and Liza are similar?
Well when I develop any character I always have a sense of personality that makes me seek out a FaceClaim, and once I settle on a FaceClaim, I flesh out the rest of the character, and in every way, Zooey is the embodiment of Liza. She's smart yet quirky and a bit of a dork, not afraid to laugh at herself and she embraces who she is. I once read an interview where Zooey said that there will always be a little bit of Zooey in all of her parts. Well I guess Liza will always have a lot of Zooey in her. A particular inspiration for me when I write Jessica Day, Zooey's character in New Girl. The thing I love about Zooey and Liza is that they might be a little shy and awkward but they will never apologise for being them.


And that is it for today's edition of Unveiling the FaceClaim, join us next time for more. But before you go, here's something nice I found within the deepest trenches of the internet.

I also would like to let you all know that I will not be taking requests anymore, as good work requires Passion™ , and I feel like me getting swarmed by owls won't be too healthy for me work ethic, so apologies.

Thank you for paying attention, and have a fantastical day.
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Edynne Eldridge

Edynne Eldridge Another wonderful article! <3 Somehow I never realised who Liza's FC was until now even though it's super obvious XD Great interview!

Kaylie Halliwell

Kaylie Halliwell I loved it! Nice work you two, it was amazing ^^

Aiden Smith

Aiden Smith Nice one mate! :D

Jean Kettleburn

Jean Kettleburn Wahaha I love it!! <3 Zooey is every bit as great as super hot prof *v* <3 <3

Florence Chang

Florence Chang The hitchhikers movie omg my mom loves that!!! And elf is just the best <3 Awesome article, Hadrian! And love ya Liza! <3

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Ahhh love Zooey <3

Joseph Brandt

Joseph Brandt Brilliant interview and intro regarding Zooey D and as Liza's FC. I will agree that she is a excellent actress and a part embodiment of Liza in unique appearance and personality. *hearts* Loved reading

Benedict Ashloft

Benedict Ashloft Eyyy lovely fc Liza ♡ and a lovely character too!

Nathaniel Kistler

Nathaniel Kistler Great article♥

Yuna Fairfox

Yuna Fairfox Great piece, Haddy! Looking forward to the next one. The interview part at the end is always so interesting to read :D

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