The Second Face of: Arya Flores
Wanted to know the person behind your best friend or enemy`s character? Here is your chance! If you keep on reading you`ll get to know the wonderful Arya Flores, this is something you don`t want to miss!

- From : Sunny Gem

Here at World of Potter, we've all embodied characters we love or hate, or somewhere in between. Of course, these characters share traits with us, but this does not stop us from wondering 'who's behind the screen?' when we meet someone new. So here at the Social Media Team, we've organised a monthly (idk if it's monthly or not but hey :D) article called The Second Face of. Here we will interview users about their life outside of Word of Potter, and what this site has done for them. Our first super star this month, fromer member of the Social Media Team and self-proclaimed 'girl your mom warned you about', Arya Flores!


We were so excited when Arya said yes to participate and our smiles got even bigger as we got to know this wonderful girl playing as Arya. She is truly amazing! Keep in mind that we will not ask too personal or private questions, as it is mainly meant as a fun segment rather than a deep talk where we`ll get to know every thoughts and dirty secrets the participant might have.




Hi Arya we are so happy that you agreed on participating in the first blog in this new series! We are sure that you`ll make it a hit! We`ll start super basic; how old are you?

- I’m glad to be here, too! I’m 14 – 15 by September.


Oh, we`re so happy to hear! So when is your birthday and what`s your horoscope?

- My birthday is September the 8th, and I’m a Virgo. I think I’ve stalked too many Instagram Zodiac-accounts, at the time.


Hahaha, haven`t we all Arya. Anyway, where are you from and can you tell us some fun facts about the country?

- I’m from Denmark; a small country with a very changing weather (mark my words!). I can give you a few fun facts – or at least, what I can think of ;-)


1. There’s different parts of Denmark; Jutland (Jylland), Zealand (sjælland), and Funen (fyn) – that’s what my translator could come up with. But people have different accents of Danish, depending on where in the country, you come from. We are known for talking as we have a potato in the throat, but in my opinion it’s only some of the country!


2. The city, Aarhus, is actually the capital of culture this year!


Wow, that`s so interesting, thanks for telling us Arya! Do you have any hobbies or interests you would like to share with us?

- I’ve played badminton in forever, but decided to quit when my club closed. I also quite like to draw and write – that may be why I got so attached to draw. I can’t say that my drawing-skills stretches over anything other than faces.



So at what age did you came across Harry Potter for the first time and how?

- I was 11, I think, and I was already falling into the deep wave of reading. I was searching through my mom’s books, in hope of finding something interesting, that wasn’t about anatomy, food or herbs. I fell over the Harry Potter-series, and quickly began reading (I don’t quite remember, if I actually had permission to take and read those books, though).


How did you find the World of Potter website? And have you always been a fan of Harry Potter?

- I moved from the earlier DK-site “Potterskolen” (Translated “The Potterschool”). I found the EU-site, before it was starting, where I started as the original Potions-professor (go make some Potions-homework, kids!). I have been a Harry Potter fan, since I was 11. How I found the site? I think I googled “something like Pottermore”, and it turned up!


What made you love World of Potter? And do you have a favourite moment on the site?

- There are so many things to love about World of Potter, and it really depends on whom you ask! Mostly, I think it was the society and jobs. I love how everyone can connect, and you just can talk freely – and making new friends. I have a few friends that I Skype with, and write with often, from this site, even!


Has World of Potter helped you in any sort of way?

- Oh well, you can say it helped my grammar and spelling, a lot. I can’t say I’m a living miracle of correct grammar, but a lot has improved!


Do you find that you bring anything you`ve learned in real life with you to the site or the opposite way around, that you bring something you`ve learned in game to your real life? If so, we love to hear an example!

- I love to take cheesy things I say (or others say – but I warn you; I can be the cheesiest person alive) into topics, or discussions I’ve had. I find it a lot easier to describe things, that already has happened. There were this once, where I were planning something with my friend, and said: “I have to go, you can just send me an owl about it!”



Thank you so much again Arya for being the first to be interviewed in “The Second Face of” series! We had so much fun getting to know you better and we feel so lucky to have been able to work with you in the Social Media-Team before. You are amazing!



Do you feel like you would be a good fit to participate in this segment?

Send Sunny Gem, Riley Stone or Harper Collins an owl and we`ll get back to you!

If you get picked you can always chose not to answer a question or back out as this is about real life and not in game life. But we promise we won`t bite, so don`t be afraid to send us an owl *wink*



Hugs and kisses,


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Anindya Potter

Anindya Potter okkkkkk

Emily Vance

Emily Vance Love to be a part of it

Laura Jones

Laura Jones Amazing!

Lily Adams

Lily Adams Love the article, Sunny <3 <3 <3

Riley Stone

Riley Stone Wooo! It was a pleasure working on this with you Sunny *high five* and thanks Harps! <3

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Awesome :)

Harper Collins

Harper Collins You girls really did an amazing job with this idea and post and it has been so great, how you worked so nicely together on the project. I'm very proud of you! <3

Mira Jones

Mira Jones What a lovely Blogpost! Well done girls ♥ I also hope to see more of those ^3^

Carmen Malfoy

Carmen Malfoy Cool!

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Oh wow what an amazing idea! :D

Cyrele Moune

Cyrele Moune Ooooh I want this to be a regular thing! :) Sign me up!

Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns What a great blog post! Well done, and amazing to get to know Arya a little more <3

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