The Second Face of: Arya Flores
Wanted to know the person behind your best friend or enemy`s character? Here is your chance! If you keep on reading you`ll get to know the wonderful Arya Flores, this is something you don`t want to miss!

- From : Sunny Gem

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Anindya Potter

Anindya Potter okkkkkk

Emily Vance

Emily Vance Love to be a part of it

Laura Jones

Laura Jones Amazing!

Lily Adams

Lily Adams Love the article, Sunny <3 <3 <3

Riley Stone

Riley Stone Wooo! It was a pleasure working on this with you Sunny *high five* and thanks Harps! <3

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Awesome :)

Harper Collins

Harper Collins You girls really did an amazing job with this idea and post and it has been so great, how you worked so nicely together on the project. I'm very proud of you! <3

Mira Jones

Mira Jones What a lovely Blogpost! Well done girls ♥ I also hope to see more of those ^3^

Carmen Malfoy

Carmen Malfoy Cool!

Dianne Smith

Dianne Smith Oh wow what an amazing idea! :D

Cyrele Moune

Cyrele Moune Ooooh I want this to be a regular thing! :) Sign me up!

Olympia Burns

Olympia Burns What a great blog post! Well done, and amazing to get to know Arya a little more <3

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