Diagon House - A magical place in Edinburgh
The muggles of Scotland has been blessed with a brand new, all magical Harry Potter shop, 'Diagon House'. If you happen to be in Scotland, why not pay a visit and buy yourself a scarf in your house colours or maybe a sign saying 'Platform 9 3/4'? Want to know more about the shop? Keep on reading!

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Robert Towbuckle

Robert Towbuckle !!!! I've been wanting to head up to Scotland for years; now i have the perfect excuse to go!

Arra Lindemann

Arra Lindemann I'll be in Edinburgh at the end of this month, I'll check it out.

Jasper Lupin

Jasper Lupin I'll be heading into Edinburgh soon so I'll have to convince my mum to let me go!

Jenneva Flame

Jenneva Flame I'm dying to go!!!!!

Heather Roseblade

Heather Roseblade This looks fabulous! It's a shame I don't live nearby :(

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