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We all have some certain ideas or thoughts on stuff related to the HP world, in this blog post you might get to share your opinions!

- From : Althea Cahalan

We know well that the Harry Potter universe is made in such a detailed way that, in one way or another, we will be attached to various places, situations and above all to the characters. When a person becomes attached to the saga, he eventually creates a bond with the characters that accompany him, which may perhaps be different from the bond created in other people.
Based on this, we went around on WoP and asked some people at random what they thought of certain characters, so we created "What do you think?": A format made to make sure that your opinions are heard by the rest of the community!

For the first edition of this format we have chosen to find out what people thought of two characters who have accompanied us over the years with their jokes:

I think it's impossible not to become attached in some way to these two troublemaker twins: they had the ability to make a boring study day at Hogwarts a day of pranks, making Mr. Filch go crazy. We all smiled reading their pranks made in Dolores Umbridge, things that convinced the other students to rebel against her presidency using pranks, following the "Weasley-Way".


Like every Gryffindor student they too were full of courage, demonstrating this during the Battle of Hogwarts alongside the Order of the Phoenix. Fred gave his life during the battle, remaining himself to the end, playful and full of joy. His soul remained around them, while George carried on the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, their dream since childhood.
It's time to know the opinions of some users. What do you think?

Bob Charlie Higginbotham - "Diligent"
«The reason I chose that word is that even though they go around making a lot of pranks on people, they never pull a prank that isn't gonna be good. They always work hard on not just their pranks, but also on their studies, and then later open up a shop where you can buy wares for pranks, which isn't the easiest thing to do. I think they're very nice people, and really kind to everyone around them, their family, friends, and anyone else that they interact with, unless of course they are interacting in a negative way that is. I really liked them both for their pranks, and because they seemed in general like really nice poeple, it felt really sad when Fred went away. I'd really like to meet them (if they existed) and the actors of them, they seem like amazing people, and did some really great work!»

Ana Ilijasich - "Pranksters"
«Altrough Fred and George had some really mean jokes on people (fex. on Dudley), but I liked them. Some of their pranks were hilarious, but they were always there to help housemates. Not much with house points, as I think that they lost more then they won, but in Quidditch they slammed that bludgers with amazing skills. So, yep, I liked them most of the time!»

Brandon Williams - "Trouble"
«I chose it because that's what they are, they make trouble wherever they go but they always put smiles on people's faces with their pranks, they're never malicious. They just want to spread joy! I liked them a lot throughout the Harry Potter series, they're loving brothers, even though they tease Ron a lot. They were never afraid to be themselves and to pursue their dreams, which is very admirable. They're also proof that you can make it without finishing school (even though going to school is of course very important)»

William Carter Peverell - "Brave"
«Fred and George Weasley were known to be mischievous, but they were much more than that. In that Battle of the Seven Potters, they willingly risked their life to protect Harry Potter, which woud help them win the Wizarding World. In addition to that, they joined Dumbledore's Army, understanding the consequences of their actions. The two were never afraid to speak their mind and to do what is best for everyone. Fred eventually lost his life in the Second Wizarding War, but he went down fighting bravely. Fred and George are probably my favorite characters in the series, apart from McGonagall of course. When I think of them, I see their fun personalities and their ability to help others. They comforted many characters throughout the series, putting others before themselves. They truly were selfless characters. I also think about how they turned their talent into a business from an early age. The two twins opened their own shop in Diagon Alley and sold various prank supplies. At the time of the stores opening, the two twins were barely adults, so this took a great deal of maturity, bravery, and independence».

I take one last moment to thank the people who agreed to participate in the post and expressed their opinions on these fantastic characters. In my opinion it is interesting to know what others think of a common topic, it can be a great starting point for conversations and comparisons! That's all for now, see you at the next edition of this format, and who knows, the next written opinion inside could be yours!
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Leofwine Wells Aahh loved it! Such a fun idea :3

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Valérie Brière Great work, Coffee Lad!

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