Quidditch interviews!
The first of four interviews with this year's Quidditch captains!

- From : Lara Mountainheart

Hey all!


We'll be starting a whole new series, where we'll be interviewing this year's Quidditch captain every two weeks! 
For the first edition, we've asked the lovely Eviee Elexy, Hufflepuff's captain, to answer our questions as honest as she can and boy, did she give them! 

Despite Hufflepuff's efforts for the Quidditch cup last year, they didn't manage to win one match, so we were really curious what the captain had to say about this, but more imporantly, how they're planning to improve their performances!


Last year, you and your team came last in the Quidditch tournaments, how do you hope to prevent that from happening again this year?

"Well this year we've had a lot more training sessions from a number of great people who have given the team a wide range of diverse questions.
We have aimed to focus on what the team say they dislike in questions and focus on that to give them a better speed on those questions. 
We made sure the team actually worked well together before we started to train with each other, we've all became a lot closer over the past few months which, I think, has improved the teams speed. 
Instead of getting a question wrong in front of people who are acquaintances, it is like getting something wrong in front of your friends. 
You take it in your stride. We have focused a lot on our speed and trying to find the ideal positions where we believe that players will find ideal to be in.
At every spare moment I have in the evening I will normally offer people some training to improve their speed in 1 v 1 or 7 v 7. 
Not being last would be great, but if we do we're not going down without a fight". 


The Hufflepuff tryouts have started again, are you hoping a lot of new players will be added to your team? 
"I think that is what every captain wants to see, lots of people turning up for tryouts and trying their hardest in getting into the team. 
But even if one person shows up and tries their hardest they will be considered for a potion, we will often tell people that their position may change depending on the tryouts we have had this season. 
We're always looking for people ;)" 

What is the most important quality you think that’s needed in order to be successful?

The most important quality, that is quite hard as I have a couple qualities that I think make a team up. 
"My first one I think is ultra-mega-extremely important (feel free to quote that ;) ) is loyalty. 
It might sound cheesy as a cheese pizza, yet I think it is important for someone to come to as many sessions as they can in order for their performance to stay at their peak. 
Loyalty means, to me, that you are willing to do something not because you have to, its because you want to. Loyalty is my number one because if you aren't loyal to the team, it shines through like a torch on paper. Well secondly my quality must be willing to adapt/understand when to back down, this is another important one. 
This is because in Quidditch there is multiple answers which will be flung around and so the ref will say the first one which is right and so if something doesn't go your way, just try harder and be faster next time. You sometimes have to lose a point to win the game. The match isn't over til the snitch is caught ;)"


Is there a message you’d like to give everybody else who might be interested in taking part of their own house’s Quidditch team?

"If you do it, you will make some of the greatest friends you will ever have on the Quidditch team. 
You can say you've had a go, you've tried something new, you might find you love it, you might find that you don't like it, at least you can say you've tried something new. 
Quidditch is a sport which brings people together come rain or shine."


And apparently their hard training and motivation paid off, because they were on fire last game! 



Kind regards,


Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe Team




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