Fresh start!
Ah! A fresh start, a new year! New faces are at Hogwarts, and old ones are back. Despite being back with friends, there's one annoying thing that might put a downer on the start of the new year. Homework! It's a well known fact that at the beginning of the year teachers like to make students do a lot of homework so that they get used to it for the rest of the year, this rule goes for Hogwarts too, so maybe we should find somewhere to start studying, before the first tests arrive?

- From : Holly Gillywood

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May Winter

May Winter Thank you very instead

Spinks Potter

Spinks Potter Thank you for this.

Jamie VanceMalfoy

Jamie VanceMalfoy I quite enjoy this

Carmen Malfoy

Carmen Malfoy Nice <3

Sunny Gem

Sunny Gem I love this Riley<3

Lysander Crane

Lysander Crane Good article :)

Felix Adelphia

Felix Adelphia Ah not homework! Thanks for the advice, I think for my next assignment I will go to one of those places!

Penelope Smith

Penelope Smith If only I could study in all of those places at one time? ...I have an idea

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