Anniversary Indicative Update Part 1

- From : Sebastian Hawthorne


Hello to all of you beautiful readers, and welcome to The Indicative Update

The Indicative Update is an insight into what the Prefects run around and do. We’re everywhere, and we see everything. Part of the our job is writing this post. Every month, one of the Prefects will get the immense honor of writing this beautiful post as a treat for you all to read. Now let’s get to it shall we? Hope you all enjoy!

This month, as our wonderful site celebrates second birthday, we dug up the best topics from last two years. It’s, as French people would say, crème de la crème. Sounds very fancy, as it should be.


In Second Place....
There is a tie:

The Big Scold with Ruby Summers and the Arkwrights
After Ruby's rebellious behavior (back in her school days), she might have gone too far. Professor Elmindreda Arkwright, after taking a walk around the castle to the kitchens, finally caught Ruby breaking the rules with her very own eyes. A drunk Ruby followed Headmistress Arkwright to her office to receive her scolding once again, but an unexpected turn of events made Ruby rethink her actions. A suspension? Where would she go? How would her godfather William react? What would happen to her?

Deck the Great Hall with the Arkwrights
William and Elmindreda Arkwright had a heated conversation that kept all who were watching on the edge of their seats. They spent some time decorating the Great Hall for all us Hogwarts students for Christmas. They talked, decorated and shared a kiss. There have even been rumors about them walking in the snow at midnight. There were some sparks between them even so long ago, and now, now they’re even greater.

In First Place...
Another Tie!

Awkward Classroom Aftermath with Ayden Wallace, Atlas Cresswell & Eirin Myren
Our transfiguration teacher strikes again! This time, Eirin Myren joined Atlas Cresswell and Ayden Wallace. Ayden has been flirting with Eirin, while Atlas and Eirin have been dating. Now Ayden has kissed Eirin and Atlas walks in on it - a very hurt Atlas, who is really mad at the both of them. How will this turn out?

And That Was the Beginning of Fairies with the Arkwrights
It’s a thunderstorm, outdoor classes are more uncomfortable than educational, and William decides to end his class early. This proves to be a good call because Min needs him, now - the tadpole’s coming! William is being such a great husband and getting Min some dry clothes after her water has broke, and then they make their way to St. Mungo’s. Min is a little snappy, but who can blame her? Bringing another being to life is a painful thing. Hang in there William, you are almost a dad! And while you await that wonderful moment we stalkers, cough readers, get to follow the birth in detail, from pain and contractions, a lot of pushing and breathing, and then, with a harmonic cry, the little tadpole-- erm, Matthew Arkwright has come into our world. Congratulations to the parents! And to Matty himself of course; you have a pair of very amazing parents.


Oh, but what’s this? Ah yes, it's time for gossip! That’s right, we Prefects make sure that no stone is left unturned in our hunt for juicy gossip around the site. So without further ado, this is some of what we’ve seen this month.

This month, out Headmistress Min found 3 (!) new teachers, one of them is Torstein Steinarsson don’t make me write that name again. Now, that wouldn’t be as interesting if he wasn’t engaged to Sigrúnn Leifsdóttir, you probably know her as owner of the plant shop. As they’re kinda together, they’re like stepmom and dad to William Fauret, as tragic event has occurred and he lost both parents. What will happen in that case with his relationship with Helga Sigrúnarsdóttir? Time will show…

After a break between Celina Forrest and Elian Venture, she came in the common room near midnight, and discussed what has happened with Elian.

Speaking of Sig, she came to visit Tor, but instead she found William Arkwright… well, they had nice chat.

Meanwhile, Crystal Purple White has decided to be helpful and teach Kara Cassidy and Anesidora Black some things about transfiguration. We’d guess that they’re too scared of Eirin to ask her for help.

In Hogsmeade, The Pumpkin Crew has held their first meeting, Isaac Holland has surrounded himself with 2 beautiful beautiful young ladies - Stella Beaumont and Evelynn Roseleigh. The plot is still young, so we can’t say anything more, just that there is very cold outside.

If you took a look at Adrian Summers broom (and not at him), you might notice that it’s a very worn out broom. As we know, he’s using one of school brooms, because he didn’t get his own, yet.

Eviee Elexy and Marleen Watson are dating, that’s nothing new, but what is new is that Charlotte Thane doesn’t approve and she is Eviee’s godmother. Speaking about the devil Char, have you seen her, recently? Her belly is huge, and it’s not from all that cake, possibly it is Thane twins!


Thanks for reading along with us! We’ll see you next time for Character of The Month, so start topicing, give us something interesting to read so that we can share it next month!

Once again congrats to all our winners this month! Ciao for now


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Miles Thane

Miles Thane A time indeed!

Sigrúnn Leifsdottir

Sigrúnn Leifsdottir Ohoh <3 I love this

Joseph Brandt

Joseph Brandt Love this post. Thank you for this guys! Brilliant <3

Florence Chang

Florence Chang OOOOOO

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson love this one :D and yeah, Char should be kept occupied with the twins so she'll forget to hex me bc I'm dating Eviee

Charlotte Thane

Charlotte Thane #ThaneTwins ... dear goodness Miles dear we are in for a time ... D:

Clayton Reeves

Clayton Reeves Funny post as always !

Miles Thane

Miles Thane #Thanetwins ... How does one manage two at the same time?

Eleonore Epstein

Eleonore Epstein Amazing as always :3 looking forward to part 2

Evelynn Roseleigh

Evelynn Roseleigh Amazing ~♥!

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren :O Of course you share and remind everyone of my most embaressing moment!

Valérie Brière

Valérie Brière Nice post! :D

Kendra Ainsley

Kendra Ainsley crème de la crème hahaha I died! this is brilliant, i love it ♥♥♥

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Wow, what a fancy coding. Love it!

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