Hey beautiful users of WoP EU!
And welcome back to the blog - it is time for a new thing from me, and this time it will be... *Drumrollllllllll* DO'S AND DON'TS - World of Potter Edition!
I guess you're wondering what that means, well it is basically just things you should do to enhance your character, writing skills and more, and things you shouldn't do! Let's get down to it!


It is time for things to do when on WoP and here's a few things to start off on!
• Check the rules and/or starting guides when joining the site!
• Check the rules and/or starting guides, when you're in doubt of something.
• Check the magical abilities list, if you are unsure if your character can perform a spell/charm/potion.
• Sometimes when using RP just say "Said" after your character said something, no need for all the fancy pancy stuff.


It is time to get down to the things not to do around WoP, and here is also a few things to remember!
• Be impatient when @'ing someone in chat, they'll answer you when they can and if it is super important, send an owl!
• Be impatient and keep @'ing people in chat, if they don't answer owls/topics/other fast enough.
• Copy/paste (plagerism) when writing homework, use the info, but remember to rewrite it and make it your own words!
• Don't forget your sources when writing assignments, and should you forget them, owl the teacher/AT's!

That was all for this week's version of Do's and Dont's - check in again on Wednesday, week 8 to find more!