I'm here tonight to tell you about our pain definitely not only mine even if i don't live with my sister anymore of having siblings.

I'm sure you can relate with those examples i'll talk about and there are way more, of course *sighs*

Why do they refuse to help you when you ask about a favor ?

Seriously, sometimes I used to hear " Nope " before even finishing my sentence !
And of course, when it comes to your sibling to ask a favor, you will do it or... there will be consequences. Because your sibling might be older. And you are younger. That's why *sobs*

You know that thing when you play together and one of you gets hit or injured but very slightly but he/she will do EVERYTHING to show it as something serious.

I still remember when I pushed mine off the couch for fun and she fell down like Albus.

You finish your morning job ( chores, walking your dog, doing groceries ) and you come back home to enjoy your afternoon. You want to enjoy your favorite snack but you won't find it. Because your sibling ate it...

Unbelievable, right ? Un-be-lie-va-ble !
And guess who will deny it but you know he/she did it. And you have to live with that...


I hope you enjoyed this blog and don't forget to comment your own... memories with your lovely *coughs* siblings <3