Hello all and welcome back to Staff Sunday!
Now, best as I thought I had finished the line of yellows, a new one was added to the list and I could not be more excited to ask this lovely man a few questions. If you haven't guessed it alright, today I am joined by Miles Thane our new Backstory Team leader and Apparition professor, being the only user on the site to show off his lovely name on the Job List not only once but TWICE aside from Min, of course.
I hope you will all enjoy Miles' answers just as much as I did!


Describe yourself using only 5 words!
Intrepid (in a travelling aspect), small, curious, efficient and dreamy.


Your life quote/motto!
"Let the adventure begin" or "Let's find some beautiful place to get lost" by no one in particular. I don't, so to say, live by a quote/motto, but the thoughts behind those two are what keep me motivated and going. I have travelled to a lot of places, Europe in particular, and I find it astonishing that there is still more to discover. When I travel, my goal is to get myself lost. That is how you discover the most unexpectedly beautiful places that are worth remembering. Travelling is such a vital part of my life, so if I did have a life quote/motto, it would be something like the two.


Which fictional character would you most like to meet and why?
Frankly, I haven't got the faintest clue about this one, but when I was thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I'd love to meet up with Daenerys Targaryen. The reason being rather insignificant. Only to see if I am taller than her or not (and to see her dragons, of course! I'd love that!).


What is the most useless talent you have and how did you discover it?
To a European like me, I think it must be that I can place all the states in the USA by name on a map. I discovered this while I was in high school when my teacher challenged us to learn where to place the states on a map. No one took up the challenge, except for me. So it's become a party trick of mine, which is completely and utterly useless. Who owns an empty map of the US in Europe?


What is your favourite thing about WoP and why?
I enjoy a lot of things about WoP, but my favourite thing about the place must be how I am able to broaden my horizon. This can be taken in two ways. One way is that I am constantly surprised how different everyone is, and especially of how different they are from me. It's refreshing to know that the world is not filled with like-minded people, and I absolutely adore that WoP is able to gather such a variety of people with one thing in common. The other way it can be taken is that I highly enjoy developing my character. Being on this site and having Miles' story be influenced by so many lovely people have made it exciting to play him. It's not just me deciding where my character should go, but a lot of different people deciding with me where my character should go.


That is all for this time! If you enjoyed this blog post, keep an eye on your notifications again next Sunday where I will be back with a new, yet familiar, face!


Magical Regards,
Thomas Wilder and the Social Media Team