Dear users of WoP! A new thing on the blog, weeeeee. Isn't that just amazing? (I think so!)
Well, this post is going to be all about friendships that has been made through the site, and is going to be about people who are "just" friends online AND people who have met IRL too! Nobody will be left out.
This post will not be a regular post, if you want to be featured in it, you just owl me (Althea) and we will figure something out!
Do you and your friend want to be featured? Do you have an amazing friendship story? Contact the SoMe team and tell us everything and we will create a post with you and your friend.
Now onto the two lovely women we have spoken to recently, who are great friends IRL and have an amazing relation on site too!

Kendra Ainsley's information will be blue.
Valérie Brière's information will be purple.

First of: How did you guys meet?
I met Valérie around one year and a half ago.
(IG) We were both chatting with people in the Great Hall and we started talking to each other little by little. I was quite scared of her at the beginning, I still don't get why it was so, I just remember that I found her very intimidating. After a while, I started to feel comfortable around her, it was inevitable since she was (and is) such a friendly person. We then began sending each other messages through owls and soon after that, I got invited to her apartment. I think that that meeting was some kind of a date, but it didn't really work out, I guess we are meant to be best friends only haha. Since then, she's been one of my closest friends and I thank god everyday for sending her in my life.
(OOG) We became friends quickly after sharing our Skype with each other as we used to talk almost everyday. That made us want to meet in real life because she is living only one hour away from my place, and that was a great thing. Unfortunately, we managed to meet only one year after we met, but it was totally worth it. We didn't do much since we were both shy and well, it was our first meeting, but we went to get coffee and chatted for two or three amazing hours.

On the site I had seen Kendra in chat a few times and she seemed really nice, so I approached her on a student account, where I asked if she wanted to have a relation with me. We then began talking in the owl and sent pictures to each other until it was we exhanged our skype with each other. We began messaging each other almost everyday and even the time she had taking a break from the site, then I still tried to be in contact with her.

What is the best thing about meeting someone online before meeting them IRL?
I think one of the reasons I have been able to click with Kendra as much as I have is that we really got to know each other before we met. It was only in the start we didn't talk as much, but as we got confident with each other's company, then we almost couldn't stop talking. So, when it was time for me to get on my way home, then it had almost only felt like 30 minutes, but we had talked straight for 3 hours or so.
Hmm, even if at first we felt a bit awkward because it was our first meeting, we managed to have a really nice conversation thanks to WoP. Having known her for such a long time helped me understand her, get to know what she likes, dislikes and so on, so we were able to talk normally from the beginning, with no weird topics or moments at all. We had much in common right from the start, so I think that was great for both of us.

How long were you friends before you met IRL?
We met irl around one year after we first talked. It could have been less if we managed to synchronise our schedules and plans but unfortunately, we were really bad at that. I'm glad that we met then anyway, I don't know how much difference a few months could have made.
We began talking in about March of 2017, so we have been friends for a little bit over than 1.5 years, which I find insane and she lived about 1 hour away from me by car and train, which I couldn't believe, when it was I found out. We tried to figure out dates multiple times, where one of the times had been in October or September of 2017, but that unfortunately didn't work out due to busy schedules. In December of 2017 I was in the same city as Kendra, where I was actually seeing Star Wars with Olympia Burns, but unfortunately Kendra hadn't the possibility to meet. We always picked the worst days, but then February or March came, where we wanted to meet, but again schedules were troubling. Then finally in the middle of April we were able to meet, which succeeded amazingly and I had so much fun. We wanted to meet again before Kendra left for Spain, so on one of the last days before she had to leave Denmark, then we had planned to meet and again unfortunate things happened, which left me sad, because I wouldn't be able to meet her again for half a year. However, something incredible happened just 2 days after my birthday in August, where Kendra came to Denmark again for a short while, where I was able to meet her again. I have to say that it was as good as the first time or perhaps even better, as we had an hour more to talk in.

Are you gonna meet again?
Yes, definitely!! I met her around one month ago and I will definitely do it again when I go back to Denmark, which unfortunately will be in February.
Yes, if I have anything to say about it. I have enjoyed every single time I have met Kendra and I think we wanted to meet again in February, but let us see what the future has in store.

How incredible is that?! It's just amazing to see how a site like World of Potter can bring people together and make people become such great friends. And can we all just cross our fingers and hope that these two wonderful people get to meet each other again soon?
That was all this time around, but if you and your friend(s) want a post about your friendship, please owl and we will figure something out.
Until we meet again, stay magical!