Welcome back to Staff Sunday! The one and only blog where you can get to know the staff of WoP EU out of character!


As promised, I am back with the second of the two lovely ladies in teal. Today I have been joined by the Chief Editor of the lovely slight nargle obsessed newspaper that we all love. It is my pleasure to welcome our dear Adalynn Greenwood!


Describe yourself using only 5 words!
Weird. Funny. Forgetful. Lazy. Competetive.


Your life quote/motto!
"To be mad in a deranged world is not madness. It's sanity!" (a lot of people might have already seen this quote).


Have you ever been tricked into doing something absolutely ridiculous? - What?
-I actually can't come up with something, because all the riddikulus things I've done has been with open arms. Perhaps reading? I was dared to read the first Divergent book and after that, I was hooked. Several thousand dollars and years later here I am. It has cost me a lot of money and actually just yesterday I bought books for around $250 D:


- Would you rather be able to see 10 minutes into your own future or 10 minutes into the future of anyone but yourself? - Why?
Others. Like Phoebe said: "One of the great joys of life is its wonderous unpredictability". Knowing my own I could see how it would benefit me sometimes, but it would mean I could no longer be surprised in any way and that would suck a lot.


What is your favourite thing about WoP and why?
The community itself and the people. Everyone's so friendly and if you ever need help with the slightest thing there's a long line of people ready. Along with that, the entire community is joyful, friendly, competitive, and everyone knows their place and respects other people. I couldn't ever imagine leaving this again for any reason whatsoever.


That is all for this time, loves. Please keep an eye on your notifications to join me and another wonderful staff member for the next edition of Staff Sunday in a week!


Magical Regards,
Thomas Wilder and the Social Media Team