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Hello there and welcome to the first blog " It's so Izzy " !!!
I'm Izzy Rookwood and these are a blog series about discussions, reviews and everything else but with my own style of course. That's what's the title is about. Not that i'm easy, the point is... well nevermind !


I granduated last year. You can't imagine how broke i was. Hogwarts will always be a second house for me. I still remember this day when i found the news, that we can't enter in the castle without permission. The ground opened below my feet and i was like:

But at least i still could be at Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley of course. As a kid i thought only students could be there. I guess because many young wizards and witches buy supplies from the shops around and that stayed in my memory as a place relative to Hogwarts, if you get what i mean. But i know i will miss Quidditch matches. They were so entertaining. For sometime i was in the Ravenclaw team. And damn, i was soooo good *sights*

Anyway, if you consider the pranks i did like releasing 50 chocolate frogs in the Great Hall most of the memories i have are the best ones so far.

And that's something i will always keep in my mind and be grateful about my experiences i had there !!!
I hope you all liked the blog and can't wait to hear your feelings ( if you are a granduated one ) on the comments. Until then take care <3