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- From : Andreia Caegan

I can finally welcome you to another edition of "What do you think?", The format that allows us to understand the opinions of some people on certain characters in our favourite universe. As always, I chose the character of this edition and went around looking for information, and the results were really interesting! This time, in addition to the usual requests, I also wanted to know the favourite moment during the saga, because in my opinion it is important to understand the moment when a character enters a person's heart! But let's not waste any more time, let me introduce the character of this edition:
I have to admit, this edition is particularly important to me because we are talking about one of my favorite characters. Our favorite headmaster (Don't tell Min, though) can be the source of many opinions, especially because we know a lot about him: past, present and future.


The thing that immediately catches one's eye about this extravagant but wise character is his love for Hogwarts: all his life, just like Harry, he considered that school as his home. In both his professorship and headmaster careers, Albus has always put students' safety and learning at the forefront, becoming fundamental in the formation of brilliant wizards over the years. We have seen this priorities with Harry, trying to protect him from all dangers, both during school and vacation.


Now is the time to read some people's opinions about this brilliant character. What do you think?

Jude Cenehard Alexander - "Nuts, but rather brilliant all the same"
«He seems quite insane and is rather unpredictable. He seems to know absolutely everything somehow, and is mad talented as well as wise. His scope of outlook is larger than that of many––a true genius who is often hard to understand».

«"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" We see the world as we see it, and the life we live is ours. So he's right. Something we can imagine is real».


Bonnie Williams - "Mysterious"
«I chose that word because Dumbledore was quite a strange man. Even though throughout the series we learnt about his life, I feel like we never got the full story. There are so many things we don't know, there were definitely a lot of things that he hid from Harry. I think Dumbledore was a good man, mostly. He was helpful to Harry and gave him the resources to defeat Voldemort. That doesn't mean that he didn't do bad things. I did like Dumbledore but grew less fond of him as the saga went on, I think I really started to dislike him in the Goblet of Fire. A lot of things relating to his family and his past made me wonder if he truly was a good person».

«My favourite moment was in the Philosopher's Stone when Harry was in the hospital wing. He spends a little bit of time talking to Harry about Voldemort, Quirrell, Nicolas Flamel and the Stone and then when he goes to leave, he eats one of the Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. His line "Alas! Earwax" is quite possibly my favourite line in the whole series just because of how strange it is, especially out of context».


Victoria Natalie Salvatore - "He is the coolest and most chill professor with a beard straight from the heart of Merlin’s."
«Albus, he can be quite biased to Gryffindor but he’s a right down awesome professor. But I wonder, what made him want to grow such a long ass beard as the crimes of grindlewald, his trimmed beard was on fleek».

«I especially love the scene during the fifth movie. Where Albus when approached by a few authorities from the ministry of magic regarding Harry’s founding in the dumbledore army, had dramatically burst into flames with his Phoenix. “Dumbledore’s got style.” Yes he does».


Yuna Yeseul Fairfox - "Ambivalent"
«Dumbledore is an enigmatic character, and a central driving force in the plot of Harry Potter, both storywise and developmentwise for Harry. While I have no doubt that his intentions were good, I think there's a certain double-sided nature to our favorite silver-bearded headmaster. He wanted to stop a tyrannical madman from conquering the entirety of the wizarding world, but his treatment of Harry was at times that of a means to an end, and not necessarily that of a child in need of help and guidance. That ambivalent nature, the line between doing what it takes and what is morally right, is what really made him an interesting character to me during the story».

«I think my favorite scene of him would have to be the first time we ever see him, with McGonagall and the deluminator. In my eyes, it perfectly encapsulates his mysterious aura, what part he's to play in Harry's life, and his willingness to let history run it's course, though not without meddling a bit himself».


Skyler Sophia Delacour - "An incredibly clever person"
«To me, Dumbledore was the character I always felt safe with. Whenever he was with Harry I knew it would be alright. Albus would protect us from everything. This man was always there, giving us advice and clever quotes that we still wonder how he managed to know to when to use in exactly the right moment. Albus was there to help his students in any way he could and I really respect him. He was brave, smart, clever and strong, and I really admire he great leadership when being headmaster of Hogwarts. I think he suffered when he was younger, and even though his past continued to haunt him he never faltered before his school and he kept being the Dumbledore we all know and love».

«My favourite moment in the saga was when he sat with Harry Potter after the philosophers stone event with Quirrel, and he simply ate jellybeans. His quote "Alas, earwax!" still makes me laugh every time».


Brad Wolf - "Albus Dumbledore, the greatest wizard that ever lived!"
«I chose these words because, for me, he is a great wizard indeed. He had powers, many wizards could only dream of and one does not speak evil of the dead. So I like to remember him as such, a powerful wizard who cared a lot for Hogwarts and protected the wizarding world and fought for what is right bravely and even gave his life in the end. Quite heroic! So yes, hes some sort of hero for me and I grew up with looking up to him, wishing I would be as cool when I was that old».

«It is really hard to pick a favourite moment. But I think my favourite moment is in the hospital wing, where Ron whispers Hermiones name instead of Lavenders and she bursts out in tears and runs off. Everyone remains silent (Snapes facial expression beats it all though. Just saying) except for Dumbledore and he says, in such a great tone: "Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting!" Hilarious».


That was all for today, but don't worry: I'm always here, drinking my coffee and looking for opinions on other characters!
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Saffie Leabrook

Saffie Leabrook love this Aiden! great work :D

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Yuna Fairfox Great interviews, Aiden, enjoyed reading it immensely :D

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Edmund Rosier Nice one, Aid

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Elmindreda Arkwright Amazing o: loved reading everyone's opinion on one of the most iconic characters!

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Florence Chang Awesome article, Aiden! :3

Lara Ilijasich

Lara Ilijasich I like it, people really like him. Contrasting to Snape, for example.

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Valérie Brière Great work, Aiden :3

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