Weasley Wednesday- SPECIAL EDITION
Today is a special and Magical day. Weasley Wednesday has landed on the Birthdays of one of our favourite red heads- Ron Weasley! In this article, we honour some of the best moments of Ron and remember him in all his Glory.

- From : Chloe Lovegood

Warning: Spoilers about the Harry Potter Series in this article. 

Welcome, welcome, to another Weasley Wednesday Blog! We have pustponed our series about the shop Weasley Wizard's Weezes to give you some special, special news (Oh come on, you'll love it one you know what I'm on about)! 

Who would've thought? A Weasley Wednesday has coincided with the SoMe's favourite red head- Ron Weasley! This beautiful, scruffy Weasley filled our favourite magical series with wonder, amusement and some of our favourite memories. So, from all of the team, we would like to wish a very big Happy Birthday! 

To celebrate this amazing man's birthday, I have been researching what fans of The Harry Potter books (and movies) consider to be Rons best moments and character traits. So sit back and smile as we take you into the world of a very, very loved wizard.

Here, my dears, is why everyone should love Ron Weasley. *hearts* 


1) Ron could make us smile. Wether it was from his humour, or cute actions, a laugh and grin were never far away from the lines Ron came up with throughout the books. He wasn't just comic relief, however, she was also brave and loyal in ways often unnoted by 

"Can you believe our luck?" said Ron miserably, bending down to pick up scabbers. "Of all the trees we could've hit, we had to get the one that hits back." 

"Have either of you seen my copy of Numerology and Gramatica?" 

"Oh, yeah, I borrowed it for a bit of bedtime reading," Saif Ron, bit very Quietly." 

“Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.”

He had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in his crystal ball, only to look up and realize he had been describing his examiner’s reflection. 

“Why are they staring?” demanded Albus as he and Rose craned around to look at the other students.

“Don’t let it worry you,” said Ron. “It’s me. I’m extremely famous.”


Just look at that face! *more hearts* 

2) And, at the same time, Ron could make us cry. Wether it was our of joy for the moments of love he shared with Hermione, or the shear 


Ron- You see it, don't you, Harry? Once I make my move, the Queen will take me. Then you're free to check the King. 

Harry- No. Ron, NO! 

Hermione- What is it? 

Harry- He's going to sacrifice himself.

[The white Queen turns, advances slowly upon him, then draws her sword and plunges it into his horse, throwing him violently to the ground]

Note to self: Stop reading sad Weasley quotes. Fred always comes up and I begin to cry as usual. 

Ron, he saw, was now holding Hermione and stroking her hair while she sobbed into his shoulder, tears dripping from the end of his own long nose.

4) He had is incredible Adorkableness about him. And we loved it. 

Hermione flung her arms around Ron's neck and broke down completely. Ron, looking quite terrified, patted her very awkwardly on the top of the head.

Cute in an awkward way! *heart* 

5) Ron was, in his own way, a complete Ladies man. Maybe not for everyone, but his relationship with Hermione was one of true beauty. Who doesn't wish they could have their own Ron? All those raised hands better go down before I turn you into pocket watches!

"Hermione, you are honestly the most wonderful person I've ever met,"

"HERMIONE" Ron bellowed, and started to writhe and struggle against the ropes tying them together, so that Harry staggered. "HERMIONE!"

"The house-elves, they'll all be down in the kitchen, won't they?"
... "I mean we should tell them to get out. We dont want anymore Dobbys, do we? We can't order them to die for us -"
There was a clatter as the basilisk fangs cascaded out of Hermione's arms. Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.


That quote always got to me completely. Hermione was really tough to still ignore him for a while after that, I would've melted 

I could go on forever about dear Ronald Weasley without ever growing tired. Not to be biased, but I'm sure you can guess who my favourite character was *winks*. However, for this week, I must leave you here and remind you that Ronald Weasley will be looking for all your cards and gifts of rare Chocolate Frog cards for this week. 

A lot of love is being dealt out this week, especially for the Weasley's and one of our favourite Weasley's- the red head of the three musketeers. The SoMe team hopes you have a wonderful Weasley Wednesday for many weeks to come, and stay tuned into what we have to offer you on those splendid days. 

Magical Love, 

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