What are they up to now - Emma Watson
What are the actors of Harry Potter up to now that the saga is over?

- From : Lara Mountainheart

About 6 months ago, one of my ex-SoMe teammates did a little, but lovely blog post about what the actors are up to now, focusing on the one and only Daniel Radcliffe. For this week’s blog, I thought I would continue this series, as I think it’s really interesting to learn how they’ve developed in the years after. Maybe this will even be a monthly post!. For this blog post, I would like to focus on one of the other lead actors, the amazing Emma Watson!

During and after filming the Harry Potter saga, Emma kept attending school, and apparently she didn’t portray a very smart, intellectual person, she is one herself! In June 2006, Emma did her GCSE exams, in which she’d gotten eight A’s and even two double A’s! I guess you can say Hermoine would not be disappointed in her. After finishing high school, she went to Brown University in the US, which she graduated in May 2014. At this time the saga had ended for about four years already. Can you imagine filming, and graduating your school/college at the same time! I can’t!

2014 was a busy, important year for Emma. Not only did she graduate college, she also became the ambassador for the United Nations, in which she stood up for women’s rights, and fought for women to be treated equally.

Movie wise, Emma didn’t sit still either. She appeared in The Perks of being a Wallflower (2012), amongst Logan Lerman (known from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), Ezra Miller (who plays the Flash in DC’s Justice League), and Nina Dobrev (the Vampire Diaries). She only starred in Noah (2014), with Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, and Logan Lerman once again. I guess you can say she has been busy, very busy, once again!

But maybe one of the most popular appearances she’s made since Harry Potter, was in Belle and the Beast (2017), where she appeared as the friendly Belle. This musical movie was a big international hit, in which she even got to sing! And boy, can she sing. Personally, I really enjoyed her voice.

This was obviously just a short summary about what she’s been up to, because she has done a lot more, but too much for me to list and discuss. Is there anything else you think I missed that should have been mentioned?

Also, if this will be a returning blog post, what actor would you like to see me focus on next time?

With all the love,

Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe-Team!


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Banned User

Banned User She is soooo amazing!

Toni Granger

Toni Granger LOVE EMMA!! SHES THE BEST :) ;)

Burger Poter

Burger Poter I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!!!!

tina tiger

tina tiger I didn't know she played the role as belle

Coconut Gaster

Coconut Gaster Lara! thats incredible, you must have spent so long doing that, its so cool!

Rosalina Black

Rosalina Black Lovely article Lara! If you continue with this post you could write about Rupert Grint :)

Emilia Fawcett

Emilia Fawcett Love love love this!❤ And I'd really like to see something on Alfred Enoch!

Henrietta Nagy

Henrietta Nagy Really great summary! So much things I didn't know yet. Maybe next time write about Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood)! I'd really enjoy that! :D

Dean Travers

Dean Travers But so, what does she do now? It feels like I more got to know what she has done up until now, which is also very interesting of course. Not a critique, sorry! I'm just very curious to know!

Luna Silvermoon

Luna Silvermoon If there ever was anyone who obliterated the image of witches being ugly old hags. It was Emma Watson as Hermoine Jean Granger <3

Shambhavi Chavan

Shambhavi Chavan Great Article,Lara.Loved it.

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