The Pets of Hogwarts
Most Popular pets at Hogwarts!

- From : Tjay Gillywood

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Felix Stone

Felix Stone Owls are very important forms of communication with the outside world.

Jacob Tibbs

Jacob Tibbs um..

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren *Blinks* Totally forgot she owns an owl and screams in frustration at never using it due to fear of birds......

Rosalina Black

Rosalina Black Lovely article :) I'm lucky enough to have Salem (my Norwegian Forest black cat) and Kirlia (my tawny black owl) with me <3

Grayson Hughes

Grayson Hughes I have a snowy owl named Biko, and I'm going to get a Norwegian Forest Cat (The same breed as my cat irl) And name it Aero.

Erin Watling

Erin Watling Short-eared owl named Abby and a harlequin toad name Clyde (it likes to help me in transfiguration and charms)

Delta Sik

Delta Sik I have a wild cat called Mimu! If you pick him up and squeeze him, he will love you forever ;)

Banned User

Banned User I have an white snowy owl named Sparkles and she is really nice and likes to send me mail and awake me up so that I don't miss class

Olivia Clearwater

Olivia Clearwater I have a little mouser named Hetty, a toad named Ruby, and a little owl named Olivia III. Also, adorable article <3

Regina Corona

Regina Corona yay!

Fayee Sturgess

Fayee Sturgess pink pygmy puff called Bubble

Yaelle Diggory

Yaelle Diggory (once again forgot half of what I wanted to write) my pygmy puff is called Pizza, bc I've always thought we missed some pizza in the Great Hall.

Henrietta Matthews

Henrietta Matthews Really great post! :D And oh my I was mentioned too! :O Vala, my little owl will be happy! (And of course a purple pygmy puff is just as awesome!)

Yaelle Diggory

Yaelle Diggory An army of Pygmy Puffs is always useful. Amazing article <3

Michael Maischnack

Michael Maischnack Cute drawings! Fine article :D

Sebastian Hawthorne

Sebastian Hawthorne THIS IS AMAZING, I am still deciding which pet club I wanna become a member of!

Amina Hayes

Amina Hayes Fantastic work, such a lovely read<3

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Omg that picture !!! Love it !! ♥️♥️

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