The Pets of Hogwarts
Most Popular pets at Hogwarts!

- From : Tjay Gillywood

We have all seen them around, maybe even own one or several. I'm talking about none other than our beloved furry or feathery friends! In this blog, we'll be discussing the three most popular pets we're allowed to keep here at Hogwarts.

Nearly everybody needs to have at least one owl! At Eeylops Owl Emporium, you can buy nearly every owl you can think of! Not only is an owl perfect for sending letters to relatives who live across the country, it's also a great companion.

Some of our favourite users owning an owl: Eirin Myren, Molly Mills, Ayden Wallace, Henrietta Nagy, Holly Gillywood.


One animal that appears to be a favourite at Hogwarts, is the cat! Walking around the hallways, I saw a lot of students, and even some teachers, walking around with their very own cat-pet! Whether you like them lazy and grumpy, or attached and active, there appears to be a cat for nearly everybody! What the connection is between a human and cat bond, is yet to be discovered.

Some of our favourite users owning a cat: Emelie Olsen, Saffie Leabrook, Jiya Sharma, Gabi Ruiz, Blaze Drake.


And last, but definitely not least, probably my personal favourite; the pygmy puffs! Pygmy Puffs seem to have taken over Hogwarts, as everybody seems to have one, or at least want one! They're pink or purple furr balls you just can't say no to! These small creatures are incredibly attached and need to be taken care of really well, but seeing their hapiness makes it all worth it!

Some of our favourite users owning a pygmy puff: Atlas Cresswell, Phyllis Triton, Yaelle Diggory, Orlia Bengis, Hayley Soulton

Crossing all these people in the hallways, on the fields, with my own pygmy puff in my hand, playing around, letting him feel the grass, makes me a very happy person! There are obviously many more amazing, lovely people who own pets, or other pets as lovely as the ones mentioned above, but having to name everybody, that would be something I wouldn't be able to finish by the time I'm 65 WHICH IS LONG.

Please comment below which pet(s) you own, and most importantly, what they're called mine's called Mr. Puggles.

Many furry greetings,

Lara Mountainheart and the SoMe-Team!

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Felix Stone

Felix Stone Owls are very important forms of communication with the outside world.

Jacob Tibbs

Jacob Tibbs um..

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren *Blinks* Totally forgot she owns an owl and screams in frustration at never using it due to fear of birds......

Rosalina Black

Rosalina Black Lovely article :) I'm lucky enough to have Salem (my Norwegian Forest black cat) and Kirlia (my tawny black owl) with me <3

Grayson Hughes

Grayson Hughes I have a snowy owl named Biko, and I'm going to get a Norwegian Forest Cat (The same breed as my cat irl) And name it Aero.

Erin Watling

Erin Watling Short-eared owl named Abby and a harlequin toad name Clyde (it likes to help me in transfiguration and charms)

Delta Sik

Delta Sik I have a wild cat called Mimu! If you pick him up and squeeze him, he will love you forever ;)

Banned User

Banned User I have an white snowy owl named Sparkles and she is really nice and likes to send me mail and awake me up so that I don't miss class

Olivia Clearwater

Olivia Clearwater I have a little mouser named Hetty, a toad named Ruby, and a little owl named Olivia III. Also, adorable article <3

Regina Corona

Regina Corona yay!

Fayee Sturgess

Fayee Sturgess pink pygmy puff called Bubble

Yaelle Diggory

Yaelle Diggory (once again forgot half of what I wanted to write) my pygmy puff is called Pizza, bc I've always thought we missed some pizza in the Great Hall.

Henrietta Nagy

Henrietta Nagy Really great post! :D And oh my I was mentioned too! :O Vala, my little owl will be happy! (And of course a purple pygmy puff is just as awesome!)

Yaelle Diggory

Yaelle Diggory An army of Pygmy Puffs is always useful. Amazing article <3

Michael Maischnack

Michael Maischnack Cute drawings! Fine article :D

Sebastian Hawthorne

Sebastian Hawthorne THIS IS AMAZING, I am still deciding which pet club I wanna become a member of!

Amina Hayes

Amina Hayes Fantastic work, such a lovely read<3

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Omg that picture !!! Love it !! ♥️♥️

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