Behind the Scenes: The Philospher's Stone
We have all watched the Harry Potter Movies - I hope (If not, go watch them asap). But did you know everything that happened behind the scenes? After reading this, you’ll never watch the movies the same way again.

- From : Althea Cahalan

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Elian Venture

Elian Venture Thank you so much guys ♥ So glad you liked it despite my faulty code :$

Saya HeiLong

Saya HeiLong Woah I love it, its great good job there :3

Althea Cahalan

Althea Cahalan ((Issues with the background will be fixed eventually, it is not supposed to be this way, I'm just too dumb to figure out Elians code, so I need him to come online and fix it for me :3))

Regina Corona

Regina Corona love it! but with the background I find it really hard to read.

Marleen Watson

Marleen Watson Wow, great job, Elian!

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Seems like fun one :D

Vanessa Wraith

Vanessa Wraith Good job Elian! ^^ <3

Thomas Wilder

Thomas Wilder Oh awesome blog, Elian! :D

Eirin Myren

Eirin Myren Good work Elian

Stella Beaumont

Stella Beaumont Oooh I love this new column! <3

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