HP Memes #4
Who doesn't like a few memes here and there? Come see the 4th edition of HP Memes here at World of Potter EU! :D

- From : Valérie Brière

Magical Memes #4
It has been a little bit of time since we had our 3rd part of the Harry Potter memes!
So, make sure you are ready and laugh as hard as you can because we proudly present to you the Magical Memes part 4!
Oh.... the puns

Serius *Wink Wink*

Not everybody can master the spell of puberty but damn Neville can

Tell me I beg you *voldy voice*

I'd rather have my nose then immortality then

The resemblance is striking

Here you have it, our memes for this time! But we still have way more to show you so make sure you will tune in for the next Magical Memes!

With all the love,

Tristan Ashton and the SoMe-Team!


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Finn Fawn

Finn Fawn 4,5,&6. I chuckled.

Allana Ashdown

Allana Ashdown I like the Sirius one ^_^

Celina Captiosus

Celina Captiosus Neville and Voldy!

Amelia Jonhson

Amelia Jonhson love them all!!!!!!

Juliette Augustin

Juliette Augustin Haha, I adore Neville

Marcel Gallus

Marcel Gallus Ahaha the Neville and Voldy one!! I am dying XD

Aileen Clarke

Aileen Clarke These are good! LOL :v

Ana Ilijasich

Ana Ilijasich Nice memes :D

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